Data Management Heads into Major Transition

Data management and the tools that power it are on the cusp of a major transition that is poised to make the jobs of data engineers easier.

One of the in-demand, emerging, and well-paid jobs that has emerged in the IT enterprise over the last decade may soon be getting some long-awaited help.

Data engineers are the IT pros who have been the experts on the front lines of big data and machine learning, getting all the parts and pieces of data, data infrastructure, data management, and data tools to work together. There’s no formal training program to be a

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Analytics Pros Called to Duty in COVID-19 Crisis

Professionals who work in the field of analytics are being called on to apply their expertise as executives make decisions on how to respond to wildly different business conditions caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

During that second week of March when Tom Hanks announced he had coronavirus, the NBA shut down, and some governors were issuing orders to close some businesses and schools, the whole US pivoted suddenly and abruptly to a different kind of day-to-day life. That’s only three weeks ago, but businesses have been recalibrating ever since.

They’ve been sending their workforces to work from home, when they

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The Robots Are Still Coming

More people are needed for blue collar jobs in areas where AI-enabled automation was to have the most impact. So where are the robots?

Every business sector has been experiencing changes in work due to AI. But just how much change, and how fast, is still up for debate, and new voices are weighing in to suggest that the future is still unwritten when it comes to jobs and automation.

In a recent MIT Sloan article — “Where Are the Robots?” — the authors suggest that robot encroachment into the workplace and the associated worries about AI and

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IT Recruitment: Time to Take a Non-Traditional Path

Here are some non-traditional ways that IT leaders can fill their open positions and create a more diverse workplace.

Technological innovations are occurring at what feels like lightning speed and the demand for qualified tech talent has never been higher. Yet the technology sector has more than a half-million job vacancies in the United States alone. The problem is so severe that 60% of employers report job vacancies that last 12 weeks or longer, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Center for Education and Workforce.

Image: bas121 –

While colleges and universities are rolling out new

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Using a Virtual Warehouse to Manufacture Real-World Tools

An aircraft parts supplier explores a cloud-based resource to transform how it responds to demand.

Old school distribution cycles continue to transform as cloud resources make it increasingly  possible to support on demand production rather than waiting for traditioanl supply chains to catch up.

Satair, a supplier of aircraft components and a subsidiary of Airbus, explored such possibilities with a pilot program to provide faster access to tools for maintenance on planes. The demands of safety and rigors of time mean aircraft must have the proper tools available to keep flying, says Felix Hammerschmidt, head of additive manufacturing solutions

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