Future IT Teams Will Include More Non-Traditional Members

Despite the rise of IT-related AI, automation and self-healing systems, companies are still facing IT shortages as they become increasingly digital.

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The impending “death” of IT is sometimes overstated by vendors who are automating some aspect of traditional IT. While it’s true that cloud, infrastructure as code, robotics processing automation (RPA) and autonomous databases reduce the need for traditional skills, someone must configure, monitor and manage such systems. Meanwhile, companies are becoming more software-dependent and software-driven as they execute their digital transformation strategies, so there is a net gain in the demand for technology-savvy individuals, some

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Enterprise AI Goes Mainstream, but Maturity Must Wait

An O’Reilly survey illustrates how enterprise groups are moving more applications into production, but also how companies face cultural and talent focused barriers.

Artificial intelligence’s emergence into the mainstream of enterprise computing raises significant issues — strategic, cultural, and operational — for businesses everywhere.

What’s clear is that enterprises have crossed a tipping point in their adoption of AI. A recent O’Reilly survey shows that AI is well on the road to ubiquity in businesses throughout the world. The key finding from the study was that there are now more AI-using enterprises — in other words, those that have AI

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CompTIA Grants Extensions, Options for Certification Exams

Alternatives to visiting testing centers are being put into place for IT professionals seeking accreditation.

Getting back to work in the midst of the pandemic can mean pursuing IT certifications that are crucial for many professionals. With communities limiting activities outside of the home and social distancing guidance in place, traveling to a testing center to take an exam is likely not plausible. At a time when many organizations have turned to remote operations, technology association CompTIA is finding ways to continue its training and certification programs.

CompTIA offers curriculum and certification exams on infrastructure, security, and other IT segments.

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Build Your Cloud Strategy — The Right Way

A rapidly growing cloud presence demands careful thought and planning. Here’s what you need to do to set your organization on the right course.

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Now that cloud computing is an integral part of virtually all IT infrastructures, it’s essential for every enterprise to prepare a comprehensive and flexible cloud strategy.

Dave Bartoletti, a vice president and principal analyst at IT research firm Forrester, recently observed that cloud computing has become an essential linchpin in enterprise business technology. “Customers demand more cloud-enabled experiences.” Business leaders want the latest cloud applications, developers want new cloud-native tools to

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Achieving Peak Orchestration in a Multi-Cloud Environment

You’ve just been asked to look at a multi-cloud solution. You might put on a brave face for upper management, but deep down you know this isn’t going to be easy. You’re right.

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Have you recently moved to the cloud? Perhaps you are mulling over your accomplishments having moved to an agile, DevOps culture. Or maybe you have moved into SaaS-based services such as cloud databases, load balancers and container clusters? Everything is moving along just fine and dandy, but then you’re required to look at a multi-cloud solution. And now you’re facing an enormous mountain to climb

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