Finding Balance in Dev vs. Ops for Site Reliability Engineers

Results from a recent survey show some organizations have pushed SREs in directions that underutilize and squander their talents.

The demands organizations put on site reliability engineers pushes them to devote more time to the operations side of their responsibilities rather than maintain an even balance. Catchpoint released its 2020 SRE Survey Report, which gathered responses from more than 600 site reliability engineers from around the world. The annual survey was conducted in two rounds, the first in February and second in May. Those results, along with perspectives from experts at Volterra, point to how the role of

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Traits of High-Performing IT Teams

IT teams face unprecedented challenges, navigating a fast-paced landscape amid the pandemic. Adopting Agile principles may help drive performance and success.

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Especially now, it is more important than ever that teams are well-positioned for success. For IT teams in particular, results hinge on the ability to not only collaborate with one another but also embrace agility amid changing conditions and circumstances. The pandemic meant that many teams started working remotely for the first time, and as a result, handling IT issues within an organization has taken on a new meaning.

High-performing enterprise IT teams will possess

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Digital Transformation Key to Continuity in Turbulent Times

IT leaders who use the current crisis to identify gaps in processes and digitize operations will see their businesses thrive.

Strong business processes are crucial to achieving organizational goals, as they coordinate the behaviors of people, systems and information to produce outcomes in support of a business strategy. In most cases, business processes produce better outcomes when part of a nimble, digital infrastructure. So, it’s no surprise that the companies that have embraced digital transformation are most likely to experience smooth and continuous business processes — and, as a result, operations — even during turbulent times.

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Rethinking Technology Road Maps for the Second Half of 2020

Businesses are now able to look again at the future of technology and their technology road maps in a new light — and many realize that their priorities have drastically changed.

If there was ever a point modern times that one could point to and use as justification for digital transformation, we’ve just witnessed it. The massive disruptions and uncertainty that businesses and the global economy recently endured shows that successful businesses can no longer rely on disjointed tasks and manual processes. Instead, the goal for any business right now should be to streamline, automate and simplify how they

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How CTOs Can Innovate Through Disruption in 2020

CTOs and other IT leaders need to invest in innovation to emerge from the current COVID-19 crisis ready for the next opportunities.

Are you ready for 2021’s opportunities? Are you ready for the new business models that will emerge once the COVID-19 coronavirus is behind us? What strategic technology moves will your organization make today to invest in the innovation to bring your enterprise out of the current crisis, stronger and better?

CTOs and other senior technology leaders should now be focusing on these key questions as we enter the second half of 2020. Sure, it was critically important to

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