How to Optimize Productivity in Fragmented Workplaces

With fast-changing markets, fragmented teams, and unprecedented business disruption, how can new work management approaches help leaders maintain productivity on the right work?

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Productivity has long been a central measure of business success. Now, as the world faces challenges and disruptions associated with a global pandemic, priorities and success criteria have shifted.

Looking after the wellbeing of ourselves, our families, and our colleagues comes before everything else. But as we all adjust to life working from home, one of the things keeping business leaders awake at night is how to keep their fragmented teams productive on the right

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How 5G Rollout May Benefit Businesses More than Consumers

IBM, Red Hat, and others combine resources to help lay the foundation for the next era of wireless connectivity and edge computing.

The escalation to a new caliber of wireless network is expected to push more organizations to advance their digital transformation strategies as IBM and other technology providers work to drive the surge. During the recent IBM Think Digital online conference, details emerged of solutions and ecosystems in development intended to boost the deployment of AI, internet of things, and analytics workloads at the edge.

Rob High, vice president and CTO for IBM Edge Computing, says IBM is

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Smoothing Out the Edges for Remote Digital Worker Experience

IT teams are facing a new normal with the shift to remote work. Here are some key steps they may not be considering (but should) to improve the digital experience.

With the current global environment, the shift to remote work has taken place almost overnight for many companies, creating enormous challenges for both IT and employees. IT teams are being asked to implement massive changes daily, creating unprecedented pressure to support an exponentially larger number of employees working away from the office. Rather than having four or five offices to worry about, IT now has thousands of home offices to

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Will Contact-Tracing Apps Win the Battle?

There are weaknesses and obstacles in the way, but in lieu of a vaccine and widespread testing for COVID-19, contact-tracing apps might be at least a useful interim tactic.

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Pandemics stir up mass panics that are hard to control. They inject massive amounts of fear, uncertainty, and doubt into the general population.

The current COVID-19 emergency has produced an infodemic of overwhelming proportions. Though there’s plenty of authoritative advice for coping with the novel coronavirus, scared human beings are grabbing desperately for any advice, no matter how suspect.

Protecting ourselves in a pandemic may come down

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CIOs Need AI Platforms, Not Just Tools

Open source tools are crucial to machine learning development, but if you want to manage those models in the enterprise, you need a platform.

Trying to do more with less during the pandemic? While organizations may not be jumping into big investments right now, everyone is looking to conserve cash and maximize revenue in these uncertain times. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be a part of achieving those goals, but there are some challenges to gaining the benefits.

“Machine learning relies on open source,” Bradley Shimmin, Omdia analyst for data and analytics, told InformationWeek. (Omdia and InformationWeek are

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