Can Artificial Intelligence Help Increase Diversity in IT?

Applied properly, AI might help bridge the diversity gap in IT by assisting with job postings, evaluating resumes and standardizing the interviewing process.

Technology companies are poster children for diversity problems in the workforce. Although they far surpass the national average when hiring Asian Americans, Brookings found African Americans and Latinos were employed in tech at half the rate as they were in all other professions. Women also lag far behind their male counterparts. There is no shortage of theories as to why these gaps persist, but no solution to date has made a significant dent in the industries’ problem.

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Conversational AI Comes of Age

The COVID-19 pandemic can have far-reaching effects on how the financial services industry interacts with customers, and service centers equipped with conversational AI will come to the fore.

Many banks and other financial firms adapted fairly well when COVID-19 struck. They handled the rise in online and mobile transactions, kept in touch with customers and partners while working from home, and adopted social distancing measures as branches and offices reopened.

That was the easy part. Now the industry should prepare for a wave of customer inquiries as the effects of the pandemic ripple through the economy. That’s likely to put

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How Synthetic Data Accelerates Coronavirus Research

When your research could save COVID-19 patients, you don’t want to wait around for institutional approval to use patient data in research. Here’s an alternative.

In the midst of a crisis, quick action is often necessary to prevent greater damage. But when you operate in an environment or industry governed by many rules and regulations, quick action can be pretty difficult.

Such is the case with healthcare research. Plenty of data is gathered every day about patients — their age, gender, ethnicity, underlying health conditions, and more. But the data is sensitive and protected. After all, it’s some of the

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Adding Fuel to the MSP vs. In-house IT Debate

Recent changes to employee support delivery options and more reliance on third-party cloud services help make a stronger case for MSPs. Here’s a look at the pros and cons for both sides.

Image: Pixabay

The in-house IT vs. managed service provider (MSP) debate continues to be an ongoing topic of discussion with legitimate pros and cons on both sides. Most recently, changes to employee support delivery options and further reliance on third-party cloud services adds ammunition for those in the MSP camp. Let’s look at these new wrinkles in this debate — and see if they’re enough to overcome many

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How to Accelerate Digital Transformation with a CDO

Looking to update ordering for ecommerce customers, bakery manufacturing and ingredient supplier Dawn Foods decided to hire a chief digital officer to spearhead the process.

In many digital transformation stories, it’s the IT organization that lays the foundation for change. After all, you are moving from manual processes to digital ones. You are changing your customer-facing organization to one that includes a digital model, too. Digital operations are the underpinning of the IT organization. Your IT leaders are your experts in technology.

But for some organizations, the move from the old way of doing things to the new way of

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