How CTOs Can Innovate Through Disruption in 2020

CTOs and other IT leaders need to invest in innovation to emerge from the current COVID-19 crisis ready for the next opportunities.

Are you ready for 2021’s opportunities? Are you ready for the new business models that will emerge once the COVID-19 coronavirus is behind us? What strategic technology moves will your organization make today to invest in the innovation to bring your enterprise out of the current crisis, stronger and better?

CTOs and other senior technology leaders should now be focusing on these key questions as we enter the second half of 2020. Sure, it was critically important to

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IT Career Paths You May Not Have Considered

As IT continues to expand into new areas, there are lots of potential career moves. Some lie outside the IT department.

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IT is constantly evolving so having a static skill set can be career-limiting move. While there’s plenty of room for specialists and generalists the only constant in IT is rapid change, so it behooves you to know how things are changing, why and how that could impact your career.

The latest twist to everyone’s plans is the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. On one hand, organizations and individuals are pondering their futures. The good news

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How Liberty Mutual’s Cloud Journey Led to Going Serverless

Making the move from datacenters to the cloud set off a transformation strategy that created new operational opportunities and cost savings.

The start of Liberty Mutual Insurance’s journey to the cloud some six years ago set the stage for the continuing evolution of its infrastructure. As a major provider of insurance, Liberty Mutual, can receive millions of customer calls per year that may tap into considerable data resources. The insurer’s transformation strategy included moving out of datacenters to public cloud, says Dave Anderson, director of technology at Liberty Mutual Insurance IT. The strategy kept business needs in focus rather than

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Why a Master Data Strategy Is Key to Digital Transformation

Find out why deploying an effective master data strategy across an enterprise is an important foundation to building a successful digital transformation journey.

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Digital transformation is the “buzzword du jour” in every industry. There have been many initiatives that should have led to a digital transformation across many industries — supply chain integration, global ERP systems, etc. These likely should have prepared us for the digital life. This fell far short in large part to one key element — data. Data is key to any digital transformation journey, but the foundation of all data is master

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AI: The New Order of Business

Tales of robots and smart speakers are eclipsed by those of automation and natural language processing, which are drivers for greater efficiencies, increased productivity and new revenue.

As we begin to slowly emerge from behind the shadow of COVID-19, the virus has brought new meaning to words like adaptability, mitigation and recovery for business.

Although we’ve had no choice but to scramble to operate in a new world of distributed labor forces, we have at our disposal dynamic technologies and innovations that have helped us through — not the least of which is artificial intelligence.

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