FBS Copy Trade New Investment Opportunity

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FBS CopyTrade is a platform from a dependent worldwide broker, with 12 years of experience. Copy buying and selling are rapidly turning into extra and extra famous all over the world. Copy buying and selling is the ideal way to pass by the time whilst making a profit. Copy-trading can be commenced effortlessly at fbs copy trade.

One of the things you should know early on is how traders can make their trades look more successful than they really are. Some copy trading services such as MetaTrader 5 (an award-winning app in 2019) have lists of successful traders that you can follow. However, following these traders is by no means a guarantee. You need to be aware of the risks and it is quite possible for a trader to be on the list of successful traders even if he doesn’t deserve it. We will explain how it happens and what you need to pay attention to avoid such traders.

FBS Copy Trade App

It is a social trading application or a place where traders can imitate the strategies and transactions of professional traders automatically. FBS Copy Trade allows novice traders to trade and make profits like professional traders. FBS Copy Trade provides a list of pro traders showing their profile, win rate, number of copyists, and commissions charged. A trader can then check the statistics of that professional trader and choose who to copy. On the other hand, pro traders prepare their accounts to allow copy trading and determine commission percentages. It can be a major source of income for pro traders as they can earn huge commissions from hundreds of copyists. FBS Copy Trade has Android and iOS-based applications that can be downloaded and installed from the respective app stores.

FBS provides several account options and deposit methods for its clients to access MT4 and MT5 applications from its entities licensed in Belize and across related websites, which cater to international transactions.


  • Supports various deposit methods
  • Good customer service
  • Websites in multiple languages
  • Low minimum deposit
  • MetaTrader 4 and 5 apps available for desktop, mobile, and web


  • A small number of instruments
  • Profit will be limited to 300 pips in case of a gap
  • Does not allow arbitrage strategies (also scalping)
  • Big Crypto CFD spreads
  • High leverage can lead to a negative balance

FBS CopyTrade is appropriate for each new and skilled merchant and is one of the best forex brokers in pakistan. FBS CopyTrade affords an obvious service. This utility is effortless to use and reliable. Each dealer has a well-known profile, which carries vital data about his activity. Profit rate, hazard level, and exercise symptoms assist customers to make the proper desire when copying. FBS CopyTrade additionally has awesome elements like Taking income and Stopping loss which are used to manipulate funding income and keep away from vast losses.

You do not have to spend time searching for traders. This social buying and selling app will do it for you. You additionally comprehend that on any social buying and selling platform, there is a crew of specialists who care about their clients. They run distinct promos to assist and inspire investors. And usually, novices in social buying and selling are continually fascinated by secure investments.

In the case of this one-of-a-kind promo, each and every newbie investor has three possibilities to make investments risk-free. Then, in case of loss, the utility will return the misplaced money. So, you have nothing to lose. Another promo is the referral program. It can unite pals and households with one frequent interest, particularly investing. If the person invitations a pal via his personal link, he receives a money bonus. Then, invited pals additionally get bonuses, which is a proper beginning in social trading.