Chromebook feature keyboard remap

Chromebook are quite special from conventional laptops in quite a few methods — and now not simply due to their software.

The maximum apparent bodily difference? Chromebook feature keyboards with a diffusion of Chrome OS-precise functions, this means that they don’t have preferred keys like F1 or even Caps Lock. depending to your style of running, that is a welcome trade or a large pain.

in case you aren’t thrilled with that association, even though, don’t despair. you could without a doubt remap a fair quantity of your Chromebook’s keys and dramatically trade how you operate your tool.

To get started, clearly head into the Keyboard phase of your Chromebook’s settings:

click the clock in the decrease-right corner of the display screen.
tap the tools-formed icon inside the panel that looks.
Scroll right down to the device subhead and click on the Keyboard alternative.


There, you’ll see a list of keys you could customise:

  • The Launcher key (additionally called the search key)
  • The Ctrl key
  • The Alt key
  • The get away key
  • The Backspace key
  • The Assistant key (on Pixelbooks best)

Every key may be remapped to deal with any of the following functions:

  • Launcher / search (the Chrome OS app drawer and search set off)
  • Ctrl
  • Alt
  • Caps Lock
  • Break out
  • Backspace
  • Assistant (on gadgets wherein Google Assistant is to be had)

To remap any key, just click on the container alongside it and pick out whatever feature you’d like it to have. you may want to exchange the Launcher (or seek) key again to a Caps Lock, for instance. Or, if you like having the Launcher key in its default function but still leave out Caps Lock, you may need to assign the Caps Lock function on your escape or Assistant keys.

when you have any Chromebook other than the Pixelbook (which, as noted earlier than, has a committed Google Assistant key) and need less difficult get entry to to Assistant, you may recollect assigning the break out key or even the Launcher key to handle that feature.

There’s one greater keyboard remapping option worth noting: beneath that list of customizable keys, you’ll see a setting called deal with top-row keys as feature keys. if you prompt the toggle alongside that, the strong point keys on the pinnacle row of your Chromebook’s keyboard — the commands for going lower back, reloading a page, maximizing a window, and so on — could be converted into general F1-style characteristic keys. You’ll nevertheless be able to access their area of expertise functions in that state of affairs but handiest if you first maintain down the Launcher key and then press them.