Capella Space Goes with AWS to Handle Satellite Downlinks

Earth observation data company takes a cloud native approach to reduce technology costs and be more responsive.

The challenges of capturing massive amounts of raw data from a satellite in orbit and converting it into usable products led Capella Space to turn to Amazon Web Services. Specifically, the AWS Ground Station service is being used for its satellite communications control and data processing resources. Capella Space plans to launch its first satellite this summer with more satellites to follow, says Scott Soenen, the company’s vice president of product engineering. “We have a goal to change the way that data is

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The Best Way to Get Started with Data Analytics

As data analytics matures, it’s attracting a wider range of adopters. Here’s how your organization can tap into this essential business technology.

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Over the past several years, enterprises of all types and sizes have transformed themselves into data-driven organizations. With the assistance of data analytics, it’s now possible to put customer and market data to work and obtain rewarding insights almost immediately.

While data analytics’ benefits are well documented, some organizations remain stubbornly on the sidelines, concerned that the cost of launching and running a data analytics project will outweigh any potential rewards. Yet as data

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Deploying and Managing Hybrid IT Architectures

Here are three steps IT teams can take to create a strategy for a unified IT architecture as they deal with surges in cloud adoption and greater demands for cloud services.

When O’Reilly Media surveyed companies about their cloud usage in the first quarter of 2020, 88% of survey respondents said that their organizations were using cloud in some form, and most used a combination of cloud and on premises options. At least 49% of organizations continued to host some of their applications on premises, and of the various cloud options available, public cloud services were the most popular choice.

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Taking Steps To Boost Automated Cloud Governance

ONUG’s recent whitepaper outlines how establishing uniform event reporting could lead to improved transparency from cloud providers.

Adhering to compliance can be tricky for enterprises that move to the cloud, but the creation of standards to automate governance could ease some of the issues they face. The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) recently issued a whitepaper that lays out why standardizing different reporting methods might save organizations from some of their headaches.

Co-founder Nick Lippis says ONUG is advancing its efforts beyond the first phase of the collaboration, which focused on basic governance in the cloud era. “Governance is all

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Finding Balance in Dev vs. Ops for Site Reliability Engineers

Results from a recent survey show some organizations have pushed SREs in directions that underutilize and squander their talents.

The demands organizations put on site reliability engineers pushes them to devote more time to the operations side of their responsibilities rather than maintain an even balance. Catchpoint released its 2020 SRE Survey Report, which gathered responses from more than 600 site reliability engineers from around the world. The annual survey was conducted in two rounds, the first in February and second in May. Those results, along with perspectives from experts at Volterra, point to how the role of

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