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How to improve your MMR in Dota 2

Dota 2 is no doubt the most popular MOBA game by Valve Corporation. The game has over 100 heroes and each of them possesses unique abilities, which make the gaming process compelling and astonishing. Dota 2 is perfectly suitable for those who like exploring and learning a lot as the game implies an enormous amount of information that needs to … Read More

A Tale of VoiP Billing Woe

We recently signed up with a Voice Over Internet Protocol provider at work. At the beginning there was a lot of hesitation to use a technology we thought was considerably young. Even though in technology age it’s pretty old, having been created in the mid 90’s. Still, there were a lot of concerns about reliability and use. Previously nobody in … Read More

The 5 Most Amazing Construction Innovations of 2018

The construction industry has always been one of the fastest evolving in the world. As yet another year comes to an end, we can look back at all the innovations in the construction field. 

From large scale advancements to small breakthroughs, we’ve picked the five most important construction innovations. Let’s explore. 

1. Drone Hardware Improvements

We’ve already had drone technology … Read More