From Cloud Computing to Cooking: 4 Ways IT Mirrors Fine Cuisine

It’s true. Many of the same elements that make up a fine dish are conceptually similar to those that comprise high-quality IT delivery.

To quote the playwright George Bernard Shaw, “There is no sincerer love than the love of technology.” OK, he actually wrote “food,” not “technology.” But for me, both sentiments ring true.

You see, by day, I’m a tech executive with more than 20 years of experience, including my current role as chief information officer of a major Silicon Valley company. In my off hours, however, my interests turn to my other passion — cooking.

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What to Know When Migrating DevOps to Microservice Architectures

If your DevOps team is planning to migrate from traditional server architectures to microservices, there are distinct changes that IT leaders must keep in mind.

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If your DevOps team is planning to migrate from traditional server architectures to microservices, there are distinct changes that IT leaders must keep in mind. Both tools and technical capabilities will have to be adjusted to shift a DevOps team toward one that can successfully deploy and manage microservices in an efficient manner. Let’s look at why some IT leaders are behind the curve when it comes to the DevOps microservices

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CIOs to Accelerate Digital Business Transformation in 2021

With 2020 in the rearview mirror, finally, CIOs are looking at bigger budgets and an acceleration in their digital transformations.

After a year of responding to a crisis, CIOs in 2021 are taking a more proactive stance, looking to help their organizations as they build out digital business projects that make the most of shifting markets and revenue opportunities in a changed economy.

Box CEO Aaron Levie put it this way in a recent tweet, “Most enterprises focused 2020 on remaining resilient and shifting work to remote. Now in 2021, every conversation I’m having with customers is how their

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What Happens If a Cloud Provider Shuts You Out?

When AWS bounced Parler from its servers, it raised questions about continuity of service other companies may need to consider.

Migrating apps and other core resources to the cloud stands at the heart of many transformation strategies, but if the big three service providers pull the plug on access, where does that leave enterprises?

Parler’s recent banishment from AWS and re-emergence on Epik, a Russian domain registrar, is a very specific case but it does raise issues other organizations might need to consider — especially in a market dominated by three hyperscale cloud providers. If one of those cloud providers

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Cybersecurity, Modernization Top Priorities for Federal CIOs

Cybersecurity, modernization, H1-B visas, COVID-19 data and analytics. These are a few of the items that are on the agenda for the Biden administration.

Now that the Trump Administration is gone and the Biden Administration is leading the executive branch of the US federal government, will IT organizations within the government notice a difference? What changes can they expect? Will those technology changes make a difference to the technology community beyond the federal government?

One thing is certain — you can expect some significant changes. That’s according to Gartner Senior Research Director Michael Brown who published a research note on

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