How Data, Analytics & AI Shaped 2020, and Will Impact 2021

Artificial intelligence and automation were key tools in the IT enterprises’ pandemic war effort in 2020. Here’s how they will continue to change the game in every organization in 2021.

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The IT enterprise may have started the year stalled on its efforts to deploy at scale production machine learning and artificial intelligence projects, but that didn’t last long. The global pandemic’s impact included serving as a catalyst to accelerate any number of IT projects for a new way of doing business, and those included AI and automation.

Why’s that? The shift to working remotely for

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2021 Business Mindset: Finding the Good in Crisis

The path forward will not look like business as it has always been done. Instead, it will require thought, creativity and boldness.

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In the midst of World War II, Winston Churchill said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” This is practical advice that is highly applicable in today’s environment. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought tremendous pain throughout the world and caused unprecedented disruption. We can’t deny that. But we can look for the good, the slivers of opportunity and possibility, even in dark days.

In business, the pandemic has exacted a heavy toll.

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Designing Your Roadmap for Rapid Digital Transformation

While business and IT leaders are under pressure to boost their digital transformation plans, they should stop, rethink, and assess before fully diving into a roadmap.

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The question all companies face today isn’t whether to embrace digital transformation, but how to best take advantage of digitalization advancements, especially considering change driven by COVID-19.

This mean that businesses must rethink their roadmap and long-term planning. Taking advantage of lessons learned from previous digital efforts, prioritizing the right technology before investing, developing holistic plans for data, and considering new organizational roles is needed to support these changes.


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What Do We Do About Racist Machines?

We will never rid ourselves of all our biases overnight. But we can pass on a legacy in AI that is sufficiently aware of the past to foster a more just and equitable society.

Enterprise AI traditionally views all data as good data. But that’s not always true. As investors think through IPOs and strategy when it comes to tech, we need to take injustice embedded in artificial intelligence seriously.

Artificial intelligence has benefitted enormously from the mass of data accessible via social media, smartphones, and other online technologies. Our ability to extract, store and compute data — specifically unstructured

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IT’s Pandemic Year: Lessons Learned for the Year Ahead

CIOs and IT organizations rose to meet tremendous challenges driven by a 100-year pandemic and how it has reshaped the world. Here are the lessons they are taking into 2021.

There’s a meme that’s been making the rounds of the internet that reads like a social media restaurant review: “2020: Do not recommend. one star.” It’s funny because it’s true.

This past year was like no other in our collective memories because none of us alive now has lived through a 100-year pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic that to date has infected more than 75 million people, killing nearly 1.7 million

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