5 Chatbot Use Cases to Steal

Chatbots are the top use case of AI in the enterprise. If you are looking for a chatbot use case, here are five to consider.

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Image: panuwat - stock.adobe.com

Image: panuwat – stock.adobe.com

For some, artificial intelligence may conjure images of robots or some future complex intelligence. But here’s a reality check — the future is already here. It’s in many enterprises in the form of the chatbot.  

Chatbots are the biggest use case for artificial intelligence in enterprises right now for a few key reasons. First, their foundational technology, natural language processing, has improved significantly over the past few years.

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Rethinking the IT Organization in a Post-COVID World

Pursuing initiatives across organization redesign, operational cost reduction, and process automation is a must to ensure success in the new business paradigm.

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As companies continue to navigate the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a range of market developments and business adaptations that impact the IT organization’s future. We have seen a new push to consolidate the IT labor portfolio to drive cost synergies. Companies are looking to quickly adopt AI and automation tools to accelerate the speed of delivery and enable innovation. Clearly, IT organizations must move quickly to succeed in

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Tech Decision Making: The Rise of the Developer

Developers and technologists are increasingly being given a “seat at the table” and forming peer relationships with executives regarding enterprise technology investments.

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Legendary former NFL coach and general manager Bill Parcells once famously stated: “If they want you to cook the dinner, at least they ought to let you shop for some of the groceries.”

Parcells was voicing frustration about his lack of input into which players the New England Patriots drafted, even though it was his job to mold their talent into a winning team. 

Parcells may or may not know much about enterprise technology,

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What’s Holding DevOps Back? – InformationWeek

DevOps teams are at different stages of maturity. However, there are some common challenges they face along the way.

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Some DevOps teams are well-oiled machines, but it’s taken time to get there. Perhaps they didn’t have the right culture or processes in place to start. Maybe they lacked some tooling that could help facilitate more efficient processes.

“There isn’t one way to do DevOps,” said Jared Murrell, director of DevOps, engineering & communities of practice at Github. “It’s not simple to quickly and perfectly ‘do DevOps.’ DevOps is defined by the people building software and

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What Must Enterprises Learn to Increase ROI from the Cloud?

Survey by Accenture shows some organizations have yet to realize the most value from their cloud strategies.

Leadership at some businesses continues to wrestle with getting the greatest return on investment from their cloud strategies, according to a report released by Accenture. Cloud transformation and plans to scale up the use of such resources are often the talk of IT circles, but the anticipated benefits can remain elusive. Though numerous organizations plan to increase their cloud investment in 2021 and beyond, it can still be a challenge for some to leverage cloud resources to the fullest.

For its report, Accenture

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