Nvidia and VMware CEOs Explore AI Infrastructure Potential

Discussion at VMworld points to possibilities that AI might open up for cloud, software development, and automation in business.

At this week’s VMworld virtual conference, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang joined VMware CEO Patrick Gelsinger to talk about the potential of AI and machine learning to help businesses further their transformation and the evolution of compute. They also discussed partnerships between the companies, including their collaboration on Project Monterey, a reimagining of hybrid cloud architecture to support future apps. That project also includes Intel, Lenovo, Dell Technologies, Pensando Systems, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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During the talk,

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Blockchain Use Primed to Accelerate in the COVID-19 Era

While still early in maturation, blockchain technologies are positioned to solve some of the problems of today and serve as the core infrastructure for the solutions of tomorrow.

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The coronavirus pandemic has impacted many parts of our society, and emerging technology is no exception. Both the public health emergency and its economic fallout are likely to accelerate the pace of adoption for some technologies while pushing others onto the back burner.

Distributed ledger technology (DLT), or blockchain, is likely to experience acceleration due to its ability to enable digital services that are either too expensive or

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IT 2020 Emphasizes Speed, More Change Afoot for 2021

ServiceNow CIO Chris Bedi said this COVID-19 pandemic year has meant urgency and the need for speed for IT organizations. But what’s coming in the year ahead?

For some companies that had neither completed a digital transformation nor even cloud-enabled their operations, the pandemic has served as a catalyst. It created an urgency to get moving now if they wanted to operate a remote work environment for employees or connect with customers in a world where so many of the interactions have moved online.

That’s where COVID-19 separated the digital natives and digitally transformed enterprises from companies that hadn’t made

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VMware’s Greg Lavender to Speak on Getting IT Done

Interop keynote session will tackle exploring innovation while also maintaining systems.

At the upcoming Interop Digital conference set for early October, VMware CTO and senior vice president Greg Lavender will draw upon his prior experiences with “innovating without breaking the place” for his keynote session. VMware is a provider of software for cloud, networking, and security and Lavender will lead a talk on “Innovation While Getting IT Done.”

Keeping abreast of emerging technology is part of his team’s focus, he says. That includes planning for medium to longer-term innovation, such as tracking what is happening in post-quantum cryptography. For example,

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Chaos Engineering: Withstanding Turbulence in Software Production

Navigating safely through these stormy waters will ensure greater confidence in and resilience of the whole system. Here are a few pointers.

Although it is not new in industrial and manufacturing settings, chaos engineering is a relatively new discipline in digital engineering. It involves experimenting with software in production to better understand faults and build confidence in the system’s overall capability to withstand turbulence.

While chaos engineering principles have been gaining traction within the last years, clients and engineers are often (understandably) apprehensive because of the misconception that chaos engineering is all about deliberately breaking things. Additionally, the use of

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