Morningstar on Reshaping Its Infrastructure for Flexibility

CTO for the global investment research firm discusses strategy to bring dev teams to public cloud and how New Relic fit into those plans.

Stepping up the evolution of its infrastructure, investment research firm Morningstar says it is leveraging a cloud-based observability platform as part of its digital strategy. The firm has been working on providing internal and external transparency into its products, says CTO James Rhodes, for better reporting on service-level agreements and statuses to build better products for clients. At Morningstar’s scale, such transformation efforts can be something of a marathon rather than a sprint.

“Like many companies,

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Cloud Eases Pivot to Remote Work for Capital One

Capital One has committed to enabling employees to keep working from home through the end of 2020.

How long will companies allow their employees to work from home? Will it be back to the office in September, will it last until the end of 2020, or will it go longer? Google just announced plans to let employees work from home until the summer of 2021, and Twitter has said that it will allow some employees to work from home forever.  

Now Capital One, a financial company best known for its credit card services, has told InformationWeek that it plans to

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How Enterprises Can Adopt Video Game Cloud Strategy

Forrester report explores ways other sectors can learn from infrastructure deployed to support video gaming.

There are lessons in operations, infrastructure, and cloud strategy that can be learned from the video game industry, according to a recent report released by Forrester. Demand for constant innovation while maintaining workloads that run smoothly at scale in the cloud are just part of what is expected in the gaming scene. Major players in enterprise infrastructure and services such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, and even Amazon operate in the video game arena.

Enterprises can pick up a number of ideas by watching this space,

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Why Data Science Isn’t an Exact Science

Organizations adopt data science with the goal of getting answers to more types of questions, but those answers are not absolute.

Image: Siahei

Business professionals have traditionally viewed the world in concrete terms and sometimes even round numbers. That legacy perspective is black and white compared to the shades of gray that data science produces. Instead of producing a single number result such as 40%, the result is probabilistic, combining a level of confidence with a margin of error. (The statistical calculations are far more complex than that, of course.)

While two numbers are arguably twice as complicated as

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Navigate Turbulence with the Resilience of Responsible AI

Extraordinary economic conditions require brand-new analytic models, right? Not if existing predictive models are built with responsible AI. Here’s how to tell.

Image: Pixabay

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused data scientists and business leaders alike to scramble, looking for answers to urgent questions about the analytic models they rely on. Financial institutions, companies and the customers they serve are all grappling with unprecedented conditions, and a loss of control that may seem best remedied with completely new decision strategies. If your company is contemplating a rush to crank out brand-new analytic models to guide decisions in this extraordinary environment, wait

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