Next Steps for Cloud Infrastructure Beyond the Pandemic

Organizations have long-term decisions, shaped by their responses to COVID-19, to make on cloud and digital transformation.

Many organizations have established remote operations by now to cope with COVID-19 quarantines. The next objective may be to plan for ongoing changes to their infrastructure. When and how businesses might safely resume on-premise activities at their offices remains questionable. In the meantime, migrations to the cloud and other IT shifts are expected to accelerate, according to the likes of Unitas Global, Onica, and Deloitte. For some organizations, there may be no looking back for the changes underway.

The current scenario where employees

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Top 10 Programming Languages in Demand Right Now

These are the programming languages most likely to be used in enterprise IT and most likely to help you get a job.

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Image: agsandrew -

Image: agsandrew –

For both enterprise IT managers and job seekers, a programming language’s popularity matters a great deal.

IT managers often want their teams to use popular programming languages because those languages are more likely to be supported by a variety of platforms and to be around for a long time. In addition, more help is available on the web for popular languages, and it is easier to find developers who know those

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Putting Cloud Resources to Work On COVID-19 Research

A fund to support projects studying the virus offers to make cloud technology more accessible to the research teams that aim to turn the tide on the pandemic.

The ongoing effort to curtail and one day end the spread of COVID-19 is getting the backing of a partnership of cloud vendors and others to mitigate some of the technology costs tied to research.

The Cloud Fund to Fight COVID-19 is shepherded by Strategic Blue in partnership with Amazon Web Services, InterVision, researchers from University of California at San Diego, and Pitch Black Pikka. Researchers working on addressing the

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Generation Z is the Key to Accelerating Digitalization

These digital natives hold the key to not only unlocking but also fast-tracking the global effort in welcoming tomorrow’s fully digital world. Here’s why.

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Born between 1996 and 2010, Generation Z members are recognized as the first true digital natives. Gen Z was born into the internet era, a time that was characterized by massive digital societal change: a bevy of new jobs flooded the market, new industries were built, new technologies were created, and the ways of everyday life changed forever. As a result, Gen Z knows first-hand what digitalization looks and feels like.


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Virtual Assistants Are Coming Into Their Own

By helping get customers the info they need fast, and freeing up human workers, virtual assistants are now an essential member of any frontline response team.

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Stores are shuttered. Offices are closed. And for as long as the measures put in place to address the COVID-19 pandemic last, most organizations — public and private sector — are more than ever reliant on their contact centers to help and support their customers. But the sudden and huge increase in call volumes has coincided with the need to protect the contact center workforce that would normally handle them.

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