The Upside to Deepfake Technology

Deepfake technology has received its fair share of scorn, but as remote collaboration vendors incorporate more AI features into their offerings, the “deepfake” stigma will wane.

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Indeed, it’s now possible to impersonate practically anybody with astonishing verisimilitude, thanks to the artificial intelligence technology known as generative adversarial networks (GANs). Fortunately, deepfakes have not shown their ugly side in the US presidential election campaign that is now drawing to a close. No one has been able to point to any significant use of GANs to produce deceptive videos and thereby manipulate public opinion.

Instead, GANs are

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Minimizing Human Errors to Improve Data Center Reliability

A simple mistake made in a data center can have serious consequences. Here’s how to detect and prevent common errors before they can damage schedules, budgets, revenue, and perhaps even lives.

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To err is human, but that fact doesn’t make it any easier to get a data center back on its feet after an innocent mistake interrupts vital services.

According to an Uptime Institute survey, human error accounts for approximately 70% of data center problems, leading to everything from systems downtime to costly security breaches. “While IT teams are vital to a successful data

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MongoDB Atlas unveils multicloud cluster support

NoSQL database vendor MongoDB will enable users to deploy a distributed MongoDB database across AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure via a multicloud clusters capability being added to the company’s MongoDB Atlas cloud database service.

Through the multicloud clusters functionality, MongDB Atlas users are spared the operational complexity of managing data replication and migration across clouds. The multicloud support lets users take advantage of unique capabilities and the reach of the different cloud providers while also providing for uptime assurances.

Starting today, MongoDB Atlas, which is available in 79 AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure regions worldwide, now supports

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Making Developers More DevSecOps Aware

Interop Digital conference tackled why it is important for IT professionals to develop vulnerability remediation habits.

At this year’s Interop Digital conference, Jayne Groll, CEO of DevOps Institute, led a discussion with Darwin Sanoy, senior solutions architect with GitLab, on ways organizations can nurture continuous vulnerability remediation habits within their IT teams by getting developers more plugged into DevSecOps — the blending of DevOps with security.

The discussion explored the intersection of automation and some human elements that make up DevOps. The intent is to establish habits that allow for continuous remediation and ways to better identify security vulnerabilities that

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