5 Chatbot Use Cases to Steal

Chatbots are the top use case of AI in the enterprise. If you are looking for a chatbot use case, here are five to consider.

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Image: panuwat - stock.adobe.com

Image: panuwat – stock.adobe.com

For some, artificial intelligence may conjure images of robots or some future complex intelligence. But here’s a reality check — the future is already here. It’s in many enterprises in the form of the chatbot.  

Chatbots are the biggest use case for artificial intelligence in enterprises right now for a few key reasons. First, their foundational technology, natural language processing, has improved significantly over the past few years. Plus, the tech has also been on the rise because it addresses a common enterprise problem — the need to automate certain repetitive tasks in order to free up humans to work on more complicated problems. Also, unlike humans, chatbots can work 24/7 to be available at all times.

Finally, while chatbots have been on the rise for a few years already, the surprise appearance of a pandemic in early 2020 drove adoption of these tools even faster than expected. Or as the NASCIO organization of state CIOs said in a report earlier this year about adoption by its membership, “The ‘right’ business case seems to have emerged with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. States experienced unprecedented surges in online inquiries and transactions. Many digital services and call centers supporting government services were overwhelmed.”

Chatbots came to the rescue at just the right time. If your enterprise is still looking for a use case for artificial intelligence, a chatbot may be your answer. But how should you go about choosing a specific use case for that chatbot?

Gartner VP and analyst Janelle Hill once recommended that companies looking for their first AI use cases steal one from a different industry and apply it to their own. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Plenty of organizations have deployed successful chatbots already.

With that in mind, we offer you this slideshow collection of chatbot use cases for consideration as you think about how chatbots might improve processes and programs in your own enterprise. Whether driven by new demands created by the pandemic or simply the need to achieve more with less, we hope these use cases will spark some new ideas for your organization.


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