Okta CEO Talks Growing to Serve the Enterprise Scene

Discussion with the NY Enterprise Tech Meetup pulls the curtain back on a startup evolving into a public company that works with larger players.

At the first 2021 virtual session of the New York Enterprise Tech Meetup, Todd McKinnon, co-founder and CEO of Okta, spoke about his company’s journey scaling up from its first customer to learning how to serve the enterprise space. Okta is a secure identity management provider that works with more than 9,400 customers such as JetBlue, Slack Technologies, and T-Mobile.

Image: sasun Bughdaryan – stock.Adobe.com

McKinnon spoke this week in an online fireside chat with

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DocuSign Automates to Scale IT for Big Business Growth

Digital signature and contract management company DocuSign’s IT automation projects paid off when the pandemic lockdowns hit. Here’s why.

It’s been nearly a year since the world of office workers made a sudden and unexpected migration to work from home, often over a period of just days. It was an impressive feat when you consider how long such a project would have normally taken in pre-pandemic times — probably at least six months of planning, perhaps another six for execution, and then a few more for cleaning up the inevitable issues.

Today many companies are looking at that almost instant

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Why CIOs Must Set the Rules for No-Code, Low-Code, Full-Code

IT leaders must step in with guidelines about when to develop applications using low code and no code, and when it’s necessary to develop in a full-code mode.

Gartner predicts that 65% of all application development will be done with low code by 2024 and that 66% of large companies will use at least four different low-code application building platforms.

Faster time to market for applications is one driver of low-code and no-code application development. Another is that more business/citizen developers are creating their own applications, bypassing what they perceive as an IT logjam that prevents them from getting things

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Emotion Detection in Tech: It’s Complicated

The advancement of human-machine partnerships requires emotion detection and appropriate responses in context, but it’s a tough problem.

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Of all the potential types of analytics, emotion analytics is one of the toughest to perfect because human emotions are complex. For example, there are genuine reactions and fabricated ones as well as cultural and individual differences that shape our perceptions and behaviors. There are also other things to consider such as context. While emotion analytics is clearly important to the future of analytics, AI, robotics, intelligent automation and applications, the early-stage excitement can lead to unrealistic expectations.

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Accelerating the Practical Use of AI

Artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions are becoming more common across industries. Use these four steps for a successful implementation.

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The hype for how artificial intelligence can miraculously change the world continues to fill media outlets. Still, the reality of how rapidly the science behind AI is evolving and becoming mainstream in every industry and facet of business will not be impeded. By the year 2025, the intersection of “advanced” AI and intelligent machines will become a part of every user’s “things I just know how to use.”  

As more industries adopt AI solutions and become

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