Ready to Thrive in a Multi-Cloud Environment?

When building out a multi-cloud environment, it’s important to focus on a unified strategy with the proper controls in place to manage applications, security and costs.

Companies have been migrating toward cloud environments for years, enticed by the capabilities and promise of improved efficiencies and potential cost savings. Multi-cloud has been one of the biggest trends in cloud computing, with many businesses opting to deploy applications in multiple private and public clouds. According to a recent survey of global cloud decision makers, 93% of their organizations utilize a multi-cloud strategy. But there’s a difference between taking the leap of

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Why Higher Ed CIOs Should Embrace Moving to the Cloud

An initial cloud migration investment can deliver both immediate and long-term benefits — especially if the infrastructure evolves along with an institution’s digital operations.

As higher education administrators face the career-defining decision of whether or not to bring people back to campus, chief information officers and IT administrators at these institutions face another decision: whether or not to migrate academic and digital operations to the cloud.

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While the latter may seem trivial by comparison, moving to the cloud presents an opportunity to offset financial consequences of the global pandemic, deliver virtual learning and power faculty-student engagement regardless of

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2020: The Year Everyone Became an IT Employee

The pandemic has rendered IT roles more demanding and more important than ever before. And every employee has essentially become an extension of the IT team.

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The pandemic has had a dramatic impact on business operations. With a rapid shift to remote work and increasing reliance on digital channels, IT is at the center of this new world. Consider an IT admin that previously supported one office with 50 employees. Today, that admin is supporting the same 50 employees spread across as many locations, using different networks and a wide variety of (mostly unsecured) devices. Troubleshooting

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The Upside to Deepfake Technology

Deepfake technology has received its fair share of scorn, but as remote collaboration vendors incorporate more AI features into their offerings, the “deepfake” stigma will wane.

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Indeed, it’s now possible to impersonate practically anybody with astonishing verisimilitude, thanks to the artificial intelligence technology known as generative adversarial networks (GANs). Fortunately, deepfakes have not shown their ugly side in the US presidential election campaign that is now drawing to a close. No one has been able to point to any significant use of GANs to produce deceptive videos and thereby manipulate public opinion.

Instead, GANs are

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Minimizing Human Errors to Improve Data Center Reliability

A simple mistake made in a data center can have serious consequences. Here’s how to detect and prevent common errors before they can damage schedules, budgets, revenue, and perhaps even lives.

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To err is human, but that fact doesn’t make it any easier to get a data center back on its feet after an innocent mistake interrupts vital services.

According to an Uptime Institute survey, human error accounts for approximately 70% of data center problems, leading to everything from systems downtime to costly security breaches. “While IT teams are vital to a successful data

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